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Joint Venture Opportunity

Tool Belt

If you are looking to invest some money in real estate, create those higher returns while being hands off OR learn the process along the way then this joint venture opportunity might just be for you. 



Who is this for? 


A) Someone who wants to reap the benefits of real estate investing but not have to deal with the process start to finish. For the person who wants the returns and cash flow but be completely hands off. 


You can expect a completely hands off approach to real estate if that is what you are looking for. I do all the heavy lifting in my joint venture deals. From finding the high quality, under performing properties that I can personally turn around doing 90% of the hands on work my self as I used to be an electrician and general contractor. I absolutely love the hands on work and getting dirty. You can expect reports and updates along the way. The only thing you will have to do in this joint venture is take advantage of the benefits real estate has to offer and have those higher returns and long term wealth created for you.


My main strategy I like to focus on is either single family home conversions (converting single families into legal duplexes) or short term 2-3 month flips. There is a major opportunity in this market for both approaches right now it just depends on your goals and financial situation. 



B) Someone who has been ITCHING to learn how to invest in real estate properly but doesn’t have a clue where to start, is overwhelmed, and frustrated. You can JV with myself and I can show you how the whole process works. 


I am a coach & mentor and help my clients all over Canada get into real estate investing the RIGHT way. How to get in, learn, take action and grow and scale along the way. In this scenario and type of partnership you will have a JV partner, AS WELL as a coach & mentor to teach you along the way.


I am SO passionate about teaching and actually showing hands on, with real deals how the whole process works. IF YOU want to learn how to invest in real estate and have a joint venture partner who does all the heavy lifting, but teaches you along the way; the process, Reno’s, building our team, and everything else that comes along with a deal then partnering up might be for you. 


I am excited to be able to offer a hands on teaching joint venture approach for those who want to learn how the whole thing works and learn the renovation process so they can grow and scale their own portfolio after that. 



If YOU are looking to start making some real returns and ACTUALLY putting your money to work in the best asset you can ask for, then reach out and lets book a call to discuss how we can potentially partner up and work together. 


This is for you if you want a completely hands off approach, or want to learn the ins & outs along the way.

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