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Private Lending

Are you looking to invest in real estate but not actually own the property? Private lending could be a great concrete, and solid way for you to see the high returns without actually owning a single property. 


Private lending is safe and secure, while knowing your returns and money to be made up front. It’s guaranteed. It’s hands off, and it's a great way to make a much higher return then a lot of other investing vehicles.


When doing private lending for real estate, its secured by both the house and the land. Its very low risk. It’s for you if you want to know what your making and when your making it. 

The top things we should ask our selves when lending privately is: 


A) How long do I want to lend my money for?

B) How much money do I want to lend?

C) What interest rate do I want to charge for my money (Return On Investment- ROI)

D) Who will I invest with?

E) What type of deal do I want my capital being used for?


These are all important things to think about when lending money. 


If you are interested in private lending and have some built up or extra capital that you are looking for better returns on then let's have a discussion on what the returns might look like when lending to us. 




If you are tired of your RRSP’s underperforming then we can certainly have a discussion about how you can self direct your RRSP’s for the purpose of lending or investing in real estate, while avoiding the penalties and taxes that come along with taking out your funds. 


I always have a lot of deals where I am looking for private lending and long or short term capital based on what you are looking to do. This would be a great way for you to have a completely hands off approach to real estate while collecting your cheques every month. Make better returns then any other investment plan out there. 


Becoming a private lender is the most hands off way to make money and build your wealth. 


Lets discuss today!  

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