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Hutchinson Real Estate Investments was started to help others learn and grow in real estate. Everyone has limited beliefs that they can't get into this fantastic wealth building strategy, or they don't know how or where to start. The truth is, its never to late! We pride our selves on getting to know our investors, and setting goals to reach. Our main focus has always been making sure our investors get the absolute best return on their investment. 


Our strategies vary depending on the asset we are inquiring, but in most cases we look for BRRR opportunities, whether it be single family duplex conversions or Multi-family apartment buildings. Everyone has different thresholds and risk tolerance, and we as a company understand that. We accommodate all types of assets and teach along the way, making sure our investor comes first. Whatever type of deal they are interested in, from 2 unit all the way to 24+ units we will find the right property for them. 


Cole Hutchinson started his real estate company to pursue something bigger; to take back control of his life and gain financial freedom. He is determined to share this with his fellow investors and share the wealth building strategy that has helped so many others. He will help you passively invest and earn income without any of your time, or he can help teach the practice and guide you to your own real estate endeavours. Cole is a fully licensed Electrician, who put his well paying job behind him and pursued his real estate journey. He also owns an Electrical and General Contracting business that allows him to do most or all of his renovations in house. This adds value to every single one of his on-going projects. If you are interested in investing with Cole and his power team, please don't hesitate to reach out and get involved today! 

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